Extra Curricular Activities
The Children are seggregated into four houses and regular inter-house competitions are held in areas such as sports, literary and histrionics.  The school has a Science Club and a Humanities Club, which organises varied activiies throughout the year, and hold an exhibition during the School Anniversary Celebrations.  National festivals and school anniversary are celebrated every year.  Educational excursions are also arranged.  The work of the Institution is directed mainly towards helping the children to grow freely, to develop their inherent faculties, in addition to academic disciplines.  The atmosphere of the Institution is one of love and cheer, in the midst of which, the habits of children are formed and their character moulded.

The school participates in exhibitions, seminars and workshiops, spot painting copetitions etc., connected with education organised by the Government, public as well as private bodies. The progress of each child is regularly recorded from time to time and at the end of each term or quarter, as the case may be, reports are sent to parents for their information and follow-up action.

Festivals are celebrated in such a manner that the children enjoy them and understand their full significance.  Parents are also invited to participate.  Sweets and snacks are distributed to children on all such occasions.  In short, the school provides a free creative environment for children to develop their total personality.

A richly varied pattern of activities cater to the development of the entire personality of the child. Inter house competitions, literary activities, National festivals and School Anniversary Celebrations are some of the programmes children participate in. In addition the children are let to participate in activities and programmes organized by the Department of Public Instruction, public and private bodies.

To develop healthy competitive spirit the children are divided in to four houses in the names of
  • Sir M Visveswarayya
  • Sir C V Raman
  • Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Subhash Chandra Bose
A special emphasis is laid on various co-curricular acivities which form an integral part of the academic programme including instrumental & vocal music , dance , art and craft , needle work , embroidery etc. The talents of our students in elocution, quiz, debate, singing , dance, etc are show cased in the inter-house competitions held during the academic year. Apart from these competitions students are encouraged to compete in the various interschool talents competition in which they make our school proud . Functions like the Sports Day, Teachers day, Children's day, Founder's Day, and Graduation day are some of the events that are keenly awaited for by the students . Besides being a part of the four houses of the school, students are also members of various clubs and organizations like the Guides, NIE, counselling service and various Community Service Programmes. Students are taken to various educational trips and excursions, to get an experience on the various subjects and to recreate themselves.



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