• As there was a great pressure from parents for the continuity of education after 7th standard, the High School Wing was started in 1982-83.
  • The Department of Public Instruction was pleased to give necessary permission and recognition.
  • The first batch of pupils took the X Standard Public Examination during March 1985.
  • The percentage of passes is around 95-100 % all these years.
  • Adequate attention is paid to sports, games, literary activities, and educational excursions.
  • Our students have marked their achievements in several inter-school, district and divisional level sports and athletics.

High School High School


Students should wear clean and well ironed uniform. The belt and socks should be neat. Shoes should be polished and clean.

Boys  –  VIII to  X  Standard

Uniform :
    • All trousers worn must meet the following set of criteria :
    • Trousers must be ankle length.  They should not be tight or oversized, tapered at the ankle or altered to their fancy.
    • Shirts must be neatly tucked into the trousers.
    • Boys must always wear belt with their pant.
Note :  Boys are not permitted to have streaked hair, long hair or fancy hairstyles.
          They should not wear bracelets / chains /friendship nor any other type of bands.



Listed below are specific rules which give definite statements for dress and grooming.  These regulations are to be followed by all students at all times throughout the year.

          Students should wear clean and well ironed dress including socks and shoes.  Shoes should be polished and clean.
             Girls  –  VIII to  X  Standard

Uniform :

  • All uniforms worn must meet the following set of criteria.
  • Salwar must be ankle length, neither tight, short or over sized.
  • Kameez should be knee length neither short nor long.
  • The waist coat should suit the size of the uniform.
Note :
  • Girls are expected to wear a small stud or ear ring and  a small bindi.
  • Hair should be braided into a neat one plait with black bands on all days of the week and white band with their respective house colour uniform.
  • Girls with shoulder length hair must wear a ponytail with black bands.
  • Girls having short hair should ensure that hair does not fall on the face.  They need to wear their hair back with a hairband.
Girls are not permitted :
  • To have streaked hair, fancy hairstyle or leave shoulder length hair untied.
  • To use any kind of make up during school hours nor colourful fancy jewellery, long or hanging ear rings.
  • To adorn their hair with colourful clips or use of nail polish during school days.

  • We at Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha expect our students to maintain high standards of Personal conduct which include honesty, discipline, integrity, respect for all which includes elders, peer group and teachers, consideration, ethics and values.
  • Students are expected to attend the assembly in time and maintain the dignity and sanctity of the same and co – operate.
  • They should obey the student leaders to perform their duties.
  • Students should not come out of the class without the permission of the teachers.  They should not come out of the class after each period and loiter in the corridors after each class.
  • We emphasise the importance of non – violence.  Pushing , swearing,using foul language and kicking each other are unacceptable even if done in fun.  Physical assault will be dealt with severely.  It is very important that parents discuss this with their child (children).  The school needs parental support in this endeavour.
  • Students are not allowed to carry cell phones / Ipods / MP3 players or any other electronic gadgets and excess money, unnecessarily to the school and the same will be confiscated if it is found in the students’ possession.
  • Using polished language is more beneficial for the progress of the students, which will be documented officially.
  • It will be appreciated if the students use the social networking sites only for the benefit of themselves and the society. By this humiliation of others can be completely prevented.




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