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In the early thirties Malleswaram was a beautiful locality with tremendous serenity and fine elevation. It was during this time Sri M L Srinivasa Sastry and Smt. M.L Sundaramma settled down for a purposeful life. On 31st December 1933, HYMAMSHU was born. His searching questions exhibited his thirst for knowledge. Hymamshu was considered as a child prodigy.

Unfortunately at the age of three he fell into the grip of Bilious Infantile Cirrhosis. He was snatched away from the world on 28.03.1936. This created a great void in the life of the young Shastry couple.

A great zest for life coupled with an optimistic philosophical bent of mind and a spirit of service led them to think of a fitting memorial for the departed soul.

Educationists and men of letters of the decade like Dr. M.V. Gopalaswamy, Sri. B. Sundareswara, Sri. H. Yoganarasimham, Smt. Saraswathamma, Smt. R Kalyanamma and many others persuaded and prevailed on the Sastry couple to start a Kindergarten in their compound to serve the cause of children's education. The inspired Sastry couple commenced a Kindergarten, a Vihar for the children of the locality.

The institution was perhaps the first of its kind in Bangalore when Nursery Education had just made a beginning. A significant feature is that Kumari Chithra, the younger sister of Hymamshu was the first pupil of the Vihar.

Hymamshu Shishuvihar came into existence on 03-June-1942.

Shastriji was very meticulous in all his endeavors and spared no pains in achieving excellence in the years to come. He formed a choice Committee to govern the affairs of the Shishuvihar. It consisted of educationists, scientists, and professors. Besides, a Board of Advisors was constituted which included eminent personalities like Dr. M.V. Gopalaswamy of Mysore Uviversity and Dr. and Smt. V.N. Sharma of the “Children's Garden School” of Madras and such others. Besides, a panel of visitors consisted of academicians, educationists and men of Science. Some of them were Prof B. Snajeeva Rao of Central College, Dr. K.N. Kini of the Department of Public Instruction, Smt. Lokasundari Raman and Smt. R.Kalyanamma of the Akhila Karnataka Makkala Koota.

Sri Sriramulu, an experienced teacher was in charge of the school. One of the four apprentices appointed, Sri. S.R.Swamy, rose to eminence as Director of Montessori Training Centre in India. The Montessori movement gained impetus and several training courses were organized by him throughout the country.

The presence, grace and patronage of His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda have paved the way for the growth of the institution. Now, the institution has crossed various milestones.

The following table indicates the growth of the Kala Peetha from its inception.

Sl.No Year Development
1 1942 Hymamshu Shishuvihar
2 1965 Primary wing
3 1967 Montessori House of Children
4 1972 NTTI
5 1983 High School Wing
6 1997 Sougandhika
7 2005 PUC- Science Combination
8 2008 PUC-Commerce Combination

The initial days of struggle were a liability to the Founder Directors. The dedication of the Founder Directors, the co-operation of the staff and encouragement by the Department of Public Instruction supported the steady improvement of te institution.

The legacy of the Late Founder Directors, Smt & Sri Sastry is now taken over by Smt. Chithra A Rao and Dr. B.V.A.Rao.

It is now a pleasure to note that H.J.K.P is one of the prestigious institutions in Malleswaram.



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